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In September, a hiker discovered two old coins in Utah's Glen Canyon National Recreation area. The unnamed hiker believes that they are Spanish coins hundreds of years old.

A hiker discovered two coins in the Utah desert — including one that appears to have been minted in Spain 200 years before Columbus set sail for...

The hiker turned the coins over to the National Park Service, which is investigating whether they are real and, if so, how they ended up in Utah.
Canadian "Mounties" holding the new $10 bill.

The most unique currencies in the world

From see-through panels to waterproof bills, here's a look at cutting-edge currencies from around the globe.
It's worth an estimated $1 million.

This rare 1792 penny is about to be auctioned off for 100 million times its value — and experts say it was likely held by the founding fath...

A rare 1792 penny is about to be auctioned off for about $1 million, which is 100 million times its monetary value. The penny was a prototype for the first US cent.

Britain could ditch 1p and 2p coins — here’s why that’s a fantastic idea

Copper coins are rarely used in transactions, are expensive to manufacture, and have little role in an increasingly cashless society.

Gold coin sales haven’t been this high since the financial crisis

US retail-investment demand for gold coins jumped to 32.7 tonnes, generating growth of more than 200% year-on-year.