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Liberty University main residence hall

11 Liberty University students reportedly have coronavirus symptoms after the school played down the crisis and reopened

Liberty University's director of student health services told The New York Times that eleven students had reported being sick with COVID-19 symptoms.
The author on campus after she declared her major.

I was a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the Parkland shooting, and now my college experience is in disarray because of the coron...

"Once again, our government and many of our schools have failed us, and students will suffer as a result," said Isabelle Robinson, now a sophomore.

A group of Florida college students traveling together on spring break have tested positive for the novel coronavirus

Four of the students are self-isolating on campus, and two others are self-isolating elsewhere, the University of Tampa said.

‘We’re not worried about it:’ Photos show the coronavirus pandemic isn’t stopping spring breakers from crowding beaches and pa...

Spring breakers were seen living it up in Clearwater, Florida, South Padre Island in Texas, and The Bahamas this week amid coronavirus concerns.
Ana Georgescu.

I’m a Harvard international student on financial aid who was kicked off campus — here’s the uncertainty I’m facing as I say go...

"Every decision I make could impact my legal status in this country and my future career," says senior Ana as Harvard shut down amid coronavirus.

54 free online courses from the best colleges in the US — including Princeton, Harvard, and Yale

A decade ago, you wouldn't have been able to easily take classes from these top-ranked schools. Now, you can — for much less than the cost of a degree.
Spring breakers flock to Fort Lauderdale and Miami in Florida every year.

Florida cities are working together to make sure that barring spring breakers from one area doesn’t cause a huge influx of partiers in another

New regulations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale have shut down beaches, closed nightclubs, and limited crowds — and spring breakers aren't happy.
Miami Beach is usually packed with spring breakers in March and April — but not this year, thanks to coronavirus.

‘The party is over’: Officials in Miami, the unofficial spring break capital of the US, are kicking partiers off beaches and implementing ...

Florida officials are enforcing spring break restrictions in Miami. Young people can unknowingly spread coronavirus to those more high-risk.

You can get free Spectrum internet for 60 days if you live in a household with a K-12 or college student

Spectrum is giving households with K-12 or college students free Wi-Fi for 60 days as the coronavirus forces many school classes to shift online.
Bard College students exit Penn Station in New York City on their way to the airport for a flight back home to Los Angeles because of concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

A university in Norway told students studying abroad to come home from countries with ‘poorly developed health services … for example the ...

People online pointed out the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's subtle dig at the US, and the college later edited its message.