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Kamilah Campbell

A Florida high school student claims she’s being unfairly punished after her 330-point SAT improvement was deemed invalid

Florida high school senior Kamilah Campbell, 18, increased her SAT score from 900 to 1230.
Pedestrians in Harvard Yard at Harvard University building on August 30, 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The U.S. Justice Department sided with Asian-Americans suing Harvard over admissions policy.

The Justice Department threw its hat into a bitter fight over Harvard’s admission practices, and now the ACLU is getting involved

Trump's DOJ backed a lawsuit filed against Harvard University claiming that the school discriminated against Asian Americans. The move signals the Trump's administration's commitment to reversing Obama-era policies asking universities to consider affirmative action to enhance diversity on campuses.
Harvard has some surprising admissions policies.

A lawsuit exposed Harvard’s ‘Z-list,’ which some people suspect helps VIP kids who don’t have the grades get in

Harvard University admits some students through the "Z-list," meaning they must defer their enrollment for a year. Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Harvard say the Z-list is a way to show deference to children of alumni who wouldn't otherwise qualify academically.
It's harder than ever to get into elite colleges, according to experts.

It was the hardest year on record to get into elite colleges — admissions experts explain why

The acceptance rate drops nearly every year at elite schools like Harvard and Stanford, and admissions directors say it's harder than ever to get in.

Harvard admitted a majority nonwhite class for the first time in history

The news comes just as the Department of Justice indicated it planned to review a complaint of discrimination at Harvard University.

Former Ivy League admissions officer reveals how schools pick students

A rare look into the admissions process at Cornell.

A boarding-school student shared the essay about the ‘elite world of Andover’ that got her into the Ivy League

Zöe Sottile, a senior at Phillips Academy, writes about life at the elite boarding school in her college admissions essay, published in the New York Times.

The Common App helped students submit more than 3.5 million college applications for 2017 — here are the 7 essays they chose from

College admissions has changed over the past few decades, as more and more students apply to multiple schools.

What it takes to be accepted to Harvard Business School, from a current student who did it

First-year Harvard Business School student Ayse Baybars on her background, how she prepared for her interviews, and how she got in.

Here’s the study schedule of a student who spent about 100 hours applying to colleges — and got into all 8 Ivy Leagues

Applying to just a few schools, let alone more than a dozen, takes time and patience. So Altenburg had to take a measured approach to the admissions process.