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3 in 4 college students who secured internships or jobs after college have since seen them canceled or thrown into uncertainty, new study finds

38% of college students who secured post-college work placements have since had those placements canceled.
Colleges around the country have closed their campuses to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

College students from low-income families are learning the hidden costs of moving back home

Colleges around the country have closed their campuses because of the coronavirus. That's putting stress on low-income students and their families.
Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince.

Cybersecurity giant Cloudflare is doubling the size of its summer internships as other companies scrap their programs in the face of coronavirus

The internship application has been reopened and new positions have already been posted on Cloudflare's website.
Miami Beach is usually packed with spring breakers in March and April — but not this year, thanks to coronavirus.

‘The party is over’: Officials in Miami, the unofficial spring break capital of the US, are kicking partiers off beaches and implementing ...

Florida officials are enforcing spring break restrictions in Miami. Young people can unknowingly spread coronavirus to those more high-risk.
Intergenerational living at Watkins, an assisted living residence in Winona, Minnesota

Colleges are creating intergenerational living programs because they benefit both seniors and students

Intergenerational living is "imperative" for a healthy community and healthy country, especially when people are living longer lives, one expert said.
While a veneer of typical, carefree collegiate life shines brightly on campus, students and administrators have been grappling a high number of deaths this semester.

Is the University of Southern California facing its own opioid crisis? Some students seem to think so.

The University of Southern California and other colleges around the country are struggling with how to respond to the ongoing opioid crisis.

67% of college students say they’ve had to buy a book written by their professor, and some are fed up with lining their prof’s pockets

Professors assigning their own books can give off the impression they are profiting off their students or biasedly selecting course material.
Some college students can't afford food or housing.

An astounding number of American college students are going hungry or homeless

A new study found that a startling number of college students can't afford food or housing — and it's a product of the growing expense of college.
The Chase Freedom Unlimited is a great first credit card for college students.

The best credit card for college students who need to build a credit history

College is an ideal time to start building a credit history, and the Chase Freedom Unlimited is an ideal credit card for college students.
Sarah Papenheim

An American college student was stabbed to death while studying abroad in the Netherlands

Sarah Papenheim, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, died on Wednesday from stab wounds in her Rotterdam apartment.