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Georgia Tech is making major changes to its library.

A major US college is moving almost all of its library books off campus, and it represents a major change in how young people learn

Georgia Tech finished the first phase of a major library renovation that resulted in more than 95% of its physical books being moved off-campus.
There are some pretty big differences between the older millennials and the younger ones.

A 34-year-old taught a college class on ‘adulting’ and found 3 major differences between herself and the youngest group of millennials

Georgia Tech professor Rebekah Fitzsimmons taught a class on "adulting" to members of the youngest group of millennials.
They've got their own lingo.

Harvard Business School just signaled a huge shift in online education with a simple name change

The name change of HBX, and Harvard's willingness to lend its name to the online platform, signals that online learning has hit the mainstream.
The effects of college are complicated.

It probably doesn’t matter where you go to college if you’re a well-off white man, but the stakes are much higher for everyone else

Studies suggest that where you go to college doesn't matter that much if you're a relatively wealthy white man. But it can matter a lot for women.
Adulthood is starting later and later for many young people today.

A college professor who taught a course on ‘adulting’ says millennials don’t consider themselves adults until a milestone they’...

An English professor at Georgia Tech University taught a course on "adulting," and found most of her students didn't consider themselves adults.

The 5 things I learned in college that actually made a difference in my life today

Author Kelly Laffey reflects on the five lessons she learned as a college student-athlete that actually made a difference in her life today.
Yukai Yang.

A college student has been charged with attempting to poison his roommate and targeting him with racist graffiti

Yukai Yang, 22, has been charged with attempting to poison his former Lehigh University roommate, Juwan Royal.

The best mini fridges you can buy

When you move into your college dorm or office, it's nice to have a mini fridge to keep drinks and snacks cold. These are the best mini fridges.
Under the new tax law, you can use the funds in a 529 to cover K-12 education costs, up to $10,000.

10 things you probably don’t know about college savings plans

You may have heard of a 529 savings plan, but its flexibility will surprise you.
The University of Texas at Dallas.

An 84-year-old who didn’t want to spend her retirement playing bingo is about to graduate from college

Janet Fein took advantage of a program in Texas that allows people ages 65 and older to take six free college credits at public universities.