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Long before I became an admissions essay coach, I was an immigrant kid figuring out college applications on my own — and that’s why the ad...

An admissions coach shares thoughts on the college admissions scandal
Snowplow parenting is the new helicopter parenting.

A new kind of nightmare ‘snowplow’ parent is calling their kids’ employers to talk about issues their children are having at work

Snowplow parents book their adult children haircuts, text their college kids to wake them up so they don't sleep through a test, and even call their kids' employers.
Dylan Chidick with his mother, Khadine Phillip, looking through college acceptance letters.

A teen who spent time homeless during his childhood was accepted into 17 colleges

Among the schools Dylan Chidick, of Jersey City, New Jersey, has been accepted into are Albright College, Ramapo College and Caldwell University.
White House senior advisor Jared Kushner.

The FBI busted rich parents for allegedly bribing their kids into elite schools. Here’s the not-so-secret way the superrich game college admissi...

A series of leaked emails from Harvard and Brown show the ultra-wealthy donating millions to elite colleges and getting special treatment.
Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

A college student was reportedly hospitalized after her roommate poured bleach into her eyes, police say

University police told WFAA that Julisha Wyatt, 19, sustained "minor burns" on her body from the bleach.

A college says that a 20-year-old student who choked during a pancake eating contest died because of her ‘own carelessness’

Sacred Heart University student Caitlin Nelson choked to death during an on-campus, school-approved charity pancake eating contest in March 2017.
Malcolm "Billa" Abbott

A son of a couple who were indicted in the $25 million college admission scandal defended his parents while smoking a blunt and promoting his mixtape

Malcolm Abbott's parents, Gregory and Marcia Abbott, were among 50 people indicted on Tuesday as part of the $25 million cash-for-college scheme.
Lori Loughlin has been charged in the college admissions scandal.

Wealthy parents are paying up to $1.5 million for consultants to help get their kids into college — and there are ways to do it that are complet...

Parents may have paid $25 million bribes in the college admissions scandal, but there are legal ways the wealthy can buy admission to elite colleges.
Charles Kushner made a donation to Harvard before his son Jared was admitted.

5 admissions scandals that rocked the college world

The college admissions scandal that broke in March 2019 is hardly the first of its kind. There's a long history of cheating to get into a top school.
A view of the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles, California.

5 examples show the extreme lengths prosecutors say wealthy parents went to get their kids into elite colleges

Prosecutors said the scheme included bribing standardized test score administrators and college coaches to ensure students would be admitted to elite universities.