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Mueller says he didn’t subpoena Trump because he expected Trump to fight it and wanted to expedite ‘the end of the investigation’

The former special counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress about his findings in the Russia investigation and on obstruction of justice.
Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting more than a week before it became public, according to the Mueller report

Reince Priebus testified that Hannity told him about the Trump Tower meeting in "late June 2017," more than a week before it was reported.
President Trump.

About 33% of Americans think the Mueller report implicates Trump

33% of Americans think the report implicates the president, compared to 22% who thought it vindicated him.

One paragraph in the Mueller report illustrates how selectively Barr quoted the document in his public statements

Prosecutors prefaced their conclusion with a significant caveat that Attorney General William Barr did not mention.
Robert Mueller.

Mueller outlines key Trump-Russia contacts and potential instances of obstruction of justice in final report

The full report from the special counsel Robert Mueller included key revelations about the major counterintelligence inquiries in the investigation.
Robert Mueller.

The Mueller report is dropping today. Here’s everything we know about the 400-page document.

The report's release will cap nearly two years of frenzied speculation about the most politically sensitive investigation in modern US history.
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

‘There’s nothing routine about this’: Barr’s move to send Mueller’s report to the White House before the public sets off...

"There's nowhere to look for a precedent to what Barr's planning on doing here," one Justice Department veteran said.
Robert Mueller.

William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report is a 2-edged sword that could both help and hurt Trump

"There isn't a chance in hell that Barr doesn't get bombarded with questions about why he usurped Congress' authority," a congressional aide told INSIDER.

Barr’s summary of the Mueller report is out. Here are the key Trump-Russia questions we still don’t have answers to.

Following the release of William Barr's summary of Robert Mueller's findings in the Russia probe, there are myriad questions we still don't have answers to.