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An Colombian antidrug policeman escorts workers during an eradication operation at a coca-leaf plantation near San Miguel, in southern Putumayo province, August 15 2012.

In the world’s biggest cocaine producer, cultivation has hit an ‘all time high’ and the new president is vowing harsh measures that ...

The area being used to cultivate coca in Colombia grew 11% in 2017, according to the US government, and is driving cocaine use by Americans. "This is just not where we want cocaine production to be," a US official said.
People put flowers at the fence of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, after the police security perimeter was removed, following a mass shooting there, February 18, 2018.

‘The United States had lost its mind’: What the Parkland shooting looked like in a country emerging from civil war

Colombians 'really do think that we are a danger to ourselves and others right now.'
A Colombian soldier guards the border with Venezuela in Cucuta, Colombia, February 9, 2018.

‘I don’t have a happy ending’: Venezuela’s misery is deepening — and spilling over its borders

Colombian immigration officials say there are nearly 600,000 Venezuelans in the country — double the number six months ago.
Farmers and soldiers tend to the wounded after police fired on protesters in Tumaco, Colombia, October 5, 2017.

Amid a cocaine boom in Colombia, a deeper problem is emerging

The recent killing of Colombian farmers by police has raised concerns about the government's ability to secure peace, fight the drug trade, and stop criminals.

Members of Colombia’s biggest rebel group are trying to join LinkedIn, but they’re struggling to connect

The demobilization process for Colombia's FARC rebels is advancing, but the group's members have struggled with some aspects of their reintegration.

Colombia says it’s convincing drug farmers to grow other crops — but drug traffickers say otherwise

Colombia's crop-substitution program aimed at reducing the country's coca output is being challenged in some regions by criminal groups and dissident rebels.
The wrapped fingers of a raspachin, a worker who collects coca leaves, are seen during the harvest on a small coca farm in Guayabero, Guaviare province, Colombia.

Colombia is trying to root out the cocaine trade, but farmers are relying on it as an ‘insurance policy’

Production of cocaine has spiked in Colombia, and government efforts to crack down on it have been stymied.

Pablo Escobar’s death cleared the way for a much more sinister kind of criminal in Colombia

Pablo Escobar loomed large over Colombia's criminal landscape, and cutting him down cleared a path for smaller, more sophisticated criminal groups.

In the world’s biggest cocaine producer, cultivation reportedly surged again in 2016

Reports suggest coca cultivation rose again in Colombia in 2016, marking a third straight year of increases.

Colombia produces most of the world’s cocaine — and output is at a record-high

"The full impact of this surge in coca cultivation likely remains to materialize," the US State Department says.