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The St. Francis Xavier Church in Pueblo, Colorado is pictured above.

Investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Colorado unveils stunning allegation that a priest told a 5-year-old girl it would be a mort...

On Wednesday, the results of a state-led investigation into sexual abuse in the Colorado Catholic Church was released.
Colorado doesn't have a border with Mexico.

Colorado governor mocks Trump for claiming he was building the Mexico border wall there, says he needs ‘basic geography’ lessons like a ki...

Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, pointed out to President Donald Trump that Colorado was not along the US's border with Mexico.
Kelly Renee Turner is accused of murdering her seven-year-old daughter.

A Colorado woman has been charged with murdering her terminally ill 7-year-old daughter and defrauding insurers out of over $500,000

Douglas County Sheriff said Kelly Renee Turner's arrest came after a year-long investigation following the death of her daughter in 2017.

19 of the biggest hailstorms that ravaged the US over the years

Major hailstorms can wreak havoc on communities — and often cause billions of dollars of destruction.

The founder of the Discovery Channel is selling his 8,700-acre Colorado ranch for $279 million — complete with a hotel, fossilized dinosaur poop...

In addition to a 22,000-square-foot main house, the listing includes horse stables, an observatory, an automobile museum, and an airplane hangar.
It's officially fall, so it can only mean one thing: Spider migration in southeastern Colorado.

Thousands of tarantulas are making their creepy, crawly migration in Colorado

Thousands of tarantulas are migrating in southeastern Colorado right now. The migration season began in August and will last through October.
Four students from Colorado State University doing blackface

College students took photos in blackface doing the ‘Wakanda forever’ salute. Their university says they won’t be punished.

The photo showed four Colorado State University in blackface, with two of them crossing their arms in the shape of an X in front of their chests.

An 8-year-old boy fought off a mountain lion with a stick after it bit him in the head

The 8-year-old boy from Colorado is now recovering from the attack.

A woman is suing a Denver jail claiming guards stood by and did nothing while she gave birth alone in a cell

Surveillance footage used as part of the lawsuit shows Sanchez writhing in pain with her mouth wide-open in a scream as she gives birth on her bed.
A man in Colorado was alone in the woods when he encountered a mountain lion (not pictured).

A man managed to fight off a ‘very aggressive’ mountain lion with just rocks and a pocket knife

Richard Marriott sustained minor injuries. Speaking to Sky-Hi News, Marriott said he wished he'd had his firearm during the encounter.