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We want to see these guys as the Bachelor.

10 people who should have been the Bachelor this year instead of Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood's season of the "The Bachelor" is finally upon us, but many wish it would be these people handing out roses instead.
Tiara, "Chicken Enthusiast."

‘The Bachelor’ producers finally revealed how they come up with contestants’ ridiculous job titles

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" producers explained how they choose these ridiculous jobs, and why they started writing them in the first place.
Bri is one of the contestants on this upcoming season of "The Bachelor."

People can’t get over the video of a ‘Bachelor’ contestant who convinced everyone she was Australian with a fake accent

A contestant on the upcoming season of "The Bachelor" used a fake Australian accent when meeting Colton Underwood and fans are having mixed reactions.
Colton will begin the season with 30 women.

Meet the 30 women who will be competing for Colton’s heart on ‘The Bachelor’

ABC recently announced all of the women who will appear on season 23 of "The Bachelor" featuring Colton Underwood.
Chris Harrison and Colton Underwood discuss his virginity.

Watch Colton Underwood storm off set and declare he’s ‘done’ with ‘The Bachelor’ in the season’s first trailer

In the first preview for the upcoming season of "The Bachelor," Colton Underwood appears to struggle with rejection and shed quite a few tears.