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Manchester United's latest earnings disappointed.

Soccer giant Manchester United’s stock is tanking after it suffered a final-quarter loss

Shares in the club, which counts stars Paul Pogba and David de Gea among its players, have slumped 4% on the news.
Nicole J. Butler says starring in State Farm's viral "she shed" commercial changed her life.

The star of State Farm’s ‘she shed’ commercial says strangers now recognize her on the street and keep asking who burned down Cheryl...

Nicole J. Butler wrote a HuffPost essay explaining that strangers often recognize her and yell "SHE SHED!" at her on the street.

‘Drinking more coconut milk every day can make breasts fuller,’ Chinese ad claims

“Genuine Coconut Palm coconut juice, I drank from small to big."

Subway is running a new commercial that tries to slam McDonald’s — but it’s only making customers confused and angry

Subway has a new ad campaign slamming McDonald's. Many customers are criticizing Subway's commercials as extremely annoying, with some people even saying the ads made them crave McDonald's.

Powerful new Gatorade commercial reminds the world that Serena Williams is awesome because she ‘plays like a mother’ not because she overc...

Williams is being celebrated for dominating her Wimbledon opponents so soon after giving birth to her daughter and the health complications she went through.
A still from a spoof of Apple's "What's a computer?" ad.

Apple is being mocked in a hilarious video spoof of the ‘What’s a computer?’ ad many find infuriating

Apple's commercial has struck a tone with some customers, and one comedian has taken advantage of that.
"You're gonna need two hands."

McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial proves the new Big Macs are the chain’s best new menu item in years

Nostalgia rules the day when it comes to fast food, as McDonald's showed in its Super Bowl commercial.
The scene from the Super Bowl commercial where Alexa "loses her voice."

Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial might contain a clue about where HQ2 will be

The Echo Dot in Amazon's Super Bowl commercial tried to tell a woman what the weather was like in Austin, Texas — and people say it could be a big hint.
The child right before she utters her famous phrase.

Apple is running an ad where a kid asks, ‘What’s a computer?’ — and people find it infuriating

An Apple commercial features a teen using her iPad in various situations, but it's the end of the commercial that has people upset.