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Take a look inside the stylish, modern-day communes that are taking over US cities

More and more co-living spaces are sprouting up in urban areas.

Common explains why he’s fighting against a blindness epidemic most people don’t know about

Common cares about people, and wants to use his voice to affect change.

Millennials are paying thousands of dollars a month for maid service and instant friends in modern ‘hacker houses’

Startups are capitalizing on millennials' desperate search for city housing with co-living spaces that pack in large numbers of people.

Common says he did ’90 percent’ of his own stunts for that insane ‘John Wick 2’ fight

Common told Business Insider that he was happy to do his own stunt work for his crazy action sequences with Keanu Reeves in "John Wick: Chapter 2."

Inside the new ‘co-living’ space where San Franciscans pay $2,600 for maid service and new friends

Common operates a chain of "co-living" spaces in New York and San Francisco.

The truth about the ‘dorms for adults’ that $16 billion WeWork is betting its future on

Co-living doesn't seem to offer the major improvements to housing that its biggest boosters want it to.

Now you can live in a dorm-like apartment building where neighbors use a work app called Slack to communicate

Slack is a chat app used mostly in the workplace. Now, a "coliving" space in Williamsburg will let neighbors use it to communicate.