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These images show how traffic is spiraling out of control around the world

Traffic congestion leads to exhausting and expensive daily commute no matter where you are - these photos show some of the most grueling commutes worldwide.
Dave Asprey.

A startup founder says it’s cheaper to charter a private plane for his commute than to live in San Francisco

Entrepreneur and biohacking guru Dave Asprey left California because of the out-of-control housing prices and moved to Canada. Now he commutes by private plane.

A Japanese railway company issued an apology after its train left 20 seconds early

The train departed seconds too early prompting management to "deeply" apologize for the "severe inconvenience imposed upon our customers."
Commuting is a drag.

Adding 20 minutes to your commute time could lead to dangerous consequences

Bus and train commuters report more dissatisfaction than those who walk or bike.
In these cities, work is just a hop, skip, and a jump away — though people usually prefer to drive.

20 cities where Americans have the shortest commutes

People in these US cities commute less than the average American.

20 cities where Americans have the longest commutes

People in these US cities commute far more than the average American.

Americans’ commuting habits haven’t changed at all in the last 10 years

Americans still largely prefer to take a personal car to work over public transit and mobility services.

The 9 best audiobooks to listen to on every type of commute

Audible rounded up the best audiobooks to listen to during your commute to work, whether it's a 15-minute walk or an hourlong train ride.

17 things successful people do in the last 10 minutes of the workday

How you finish the workday is extremely important.

This tech exec has a 6-hour daily commute via plane — and he may actually be saving money

Believe it or not, Curt von Badinski says his 6-hour, almost 800-mile commute to and from work actually helps his work-life balance.