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Microsoft says security patches slowing down PCs, servers

Microsoft's comment...
Security researchers fooled Windows Hello face identification with this crayon colored printed photo.

Researchers tricked Windows 10 face identification with a photo

Face identification, although promising, is still far from foolproof.

Windows users might want to turn off their computers this weekend, warns security researcher who’s only being ‘somewhat glib’

The hacking group Shadow Brokers has just released a bunch of tools that that makes it easier for hackers to break into all kinds of Microsoft Windows computers.

Apple responds to the WikiLeaks files that suggested the CIA hacked iPhones

At first review, the documents seem authentic, security professionals told Business Insider.

$667 million startup Crowdstrike just lost an ugly public spat with a company that tests software

NSS Labs has angered a lot of software vendors over the years. Crowdstrike even asked a judge to block it.

Donald Trump’s website was saying some odd things, thanks to a security hole

People were making Donald's Trump website say whatever they wanted for a short time on election day.

And now Vinod Khosla, one of the Valley’s most powerful VCs, has been hacked

Khosla's Twitter account showed off the familiar message of the hacking group known as OurMine.

How HackerOne’s famous new CEO is helping teen hackers become agents of good, not evil

HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos has a new plan to get every company to hire legions hackers.

Google’s most famous security researcher has ripped into huge security company Symantec

Researcher finds huge bugs in Symantec's flagship products meant to protect companies: 'These vulnerabilities are as bad as it gets.'