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How to see exactly which Google Chrome tabs, websites, and extensions are slowing down your computer

Google Chrome has a hidden tool that can show you which tabs are slowing down your computer.

The US has surpassed China to become home of the world’s fastest supercomputer — check out photos of the $200 million machine

Summit, a new supercomputer in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is the most power computer in the world. It can complete 200 quadrillion mathematical equations per second.

The 7 best features coming to your Mac computer later this year

Apple unveiled the newest version of the Mac operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week. MacOS Mojave will release as a free update to Mac users later this year, and it's a big upgrade.

Intel and AMD announced new processors with an insane amount of cores — but they’ll likely cost thousands of dollars

You can buy them later this year, but they'll probably have way more power than you'll know what to do with, not to mention insanely expensive.

10 reasons you should buy a Windows PC instead of an Apple Mac

If a lot of these points resonate with you, you'll be better off with a Windows PC.

10 reasons to get an Apple Mac instead of a Windows PC

Apple's Mac computers are better than Windows 10 PCs in 10 key ways.

These affordable skins are the best way to make your smartphone, computer, or game console stand out — here’s how they work

Dbrand makes great-looking customizable skins for your smartphone, computer, or game console, and ships them anywhere in the world. They don't add any bulk to your device, but they do bestow some nice benefits, like making them grippier to hold, and preventing scratches and fingerprints.

Now is the worst time to buy any MacBook laptop from Apple

They all have glaring problems, like unreliable keyboards, age, and cost.
A North Korean student using a computer at Kim Il Sung University.

Computers in North Korea run on look-alike Mac software called ‘Red Star 3.0’ — see what it looks like to log in and use it

What it's like to use "Red Star 3," North Korea's little-known computer software that looks a lot like earlier versions of Apple's MacOS software.