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Singapore woman fined over S$30,000 for failing to pay GST on 141 branded items bought overseas

Her S$30,600 fine was for failing to pay taxes amounting to about S$14,460.
It was just the burgers traveling on the plane.

An executive at a luxury concierge service says they once flew In-N-Out burgers from the West Coast to New York in a private jet

An executive says his luxury concierge service once fulfilled a request to fly In-N-Out burgers from the West Coast to New York City in a private jet.

This 26-year-old quit her law degree to start a luxury concierge club for bloggers and students — and now has 500 members paying up to £400...

Aileen Gilani ditched her law postgraduate degree in London to dedicate herself to the lavish lifestyles lived by the wealthy students around her. The result is a pricey online subscription services with perks like gym memberships and Michelin-starred meals.

The most extravagant request fulfilled by a luxury concierge service that caters to millionaires and billionaires

John Paul is a luxury concierge service that is available 24/7 to its millionaire and billionaire clients. One of its most extravagant requests was for a client who asked to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from a super-yacht with the Prince of Monaco. John Paul delivered.