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Jared Kushner just got a permanent security clearance

Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior White House adviser, was granted a permanent top-secret security clearance on Wednesday following months of uncertainty after he was stripped of his interim clearance in February, multiple news outlets reported.
Walter Shaub.

‘The entire ethics program was now in jeopardy’: Former US ethics chief recalls the moment he realized Trump could make money off the pres...

Walter Shaub watched in disbelief as Trump said that a president cannot have conflicts of interest after the election.

FORMER US ETHICS CHIEF: Trump’s web of conflicts poses a danger to democracy

Donald Trump has a casual approach to ethics and conflicts or interest that is setting a dangerous precedent for America's political institutions.

A Goldman Sachs guy at the Fed, who was hired by another Goldman guy, backs 3rd Goldman guy as potential boss

The New York Fed was home to one of the financial crisis' most blatant conflicts of interest, and it's all related to how Bill Dudley was hired.

Ethics watchdog group files first major lawsuit against Trump in his presidency

CREW on Monday filed the first major federal lawsuit against Trump, suing him over what it believes is a violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Trump’s multibillion-dollar administration still has work to do to clear up potential conflicts

Both Cabinet officials and other advisers face an "ethics minefield."

‘It’s not a big deal — you people are making it a big deal’: Trump scolds reporters over questions about his business connecti...

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday held a press-conference-style meeting with reporters for the first time in months.

Trump says he’ll dissolve controversial foundation to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest

The Donald J. Trump Foundation was highly scrutinized over the course of Trump's campaign.

IT WOULD BE ‘A FIRE SALE’: Reporter says Trump will not sell his businesses before taking office

Monica Langley of The Wall Street Journal says the Trump family sees conflict-of-interest issues surrounding President-elect Donald Trump as a no-win situation.

Ethics experts say Trump’s latest move to distance himself from his business empire is not enough: ‘Nothing of consequence has changedR...

President-elect Donald Trump says he'll make "no new deals" and pass control of his business empire to his two adult sons and executives upon taking office.