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Prime Minister Theresa May and Liam Fox

Liam Fox’s future in doubt as Theresa May prepares for the ‘softest possible’ Brexit

Civil servants and analysts tell Business Insider that the International Trade Secretary's future is in doubt.

Director of ‘Desire’ on Netflix responds to critics who claim its opening scene is ‘child pornography’

A film currently streaming on Netflix called "Desire" depicts a young girl accidentally having her first sexual experience, which conservative critics are calling "child pornography." The director recently responded to online backlash against the film.
Christopher Chope MP's official parliamentary portrait.

Conservatives are distancing themselves from the Tory MP who blocked a law to ban upskirting

Christopher Chope MP blocked a bill that would've criminalised taking photos up women's skirts — and the Tories are now desperately trying to avert a PR disaster.

Lib Dems expect ‘strong second’ place finish in Lewisham East as anti-Brexit voters punish May and Corbyn

Canvas returns seen by Business Insider suggests Vince Cable's Liberal Democrats are set to win over former Conservative and Labour voters in the upcoming by-election in Lewisham East.
Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Why Britain’s towns could help Theresa May win a snap general election

Britain's towns will decide who wins the next general election. The Conservatives and Labour were neck and neck in small to medium-sized towns at the recent local elections, research published on Tuesday shows.

It’s becoming clearer than ever what the Republican Party’s deal with the devil entails

Opinion: Republicans claim to be motivated by morality. Their acceptance of President Donald Trump's worst behaviors contradicts that claim. The religious right has abandoned its values in supporting Trump.
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip leave after voting in local government elections in London, May 3, 2018.

LIVE: Local election results 2018

Follow the latest developments as Britain's major parties await the results of this year's local elections.
Mercedes and Matt Schlapp at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2017

Washington’s new ‘it couple’ is getting a ton of backlash for complaining about ‘elites’ while riding in a limousine

Mercedes and Matt Schlapp, longtime Republican operatives and one of Washington's most powerful Trump-boosting couples, drew attention over the weekend when they derided comedian Michelle Wolf's controversial speech criticizing the president and his administration at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Fresno State did the right thing by not firing a professor who tweeted awful things about Barbara Bush

Opinion: In the wake of her vile tweets, many conservatives indeed defended Randa Jarrar's right to speak freely — despite claims to the contrary. Fresno launched an investigation into her words, but ultimately decided that they were protected under the First Amendment.
MEPs Richard Ashworth (left) and Julie Girling (centre) pictured with Manfred Weber.

Members of the European Parliament kicked out of the Conservative Party by Theresa May told us why they’re fighting her ‘horrendous’...

MEPs Richard Ashworth and Julie Girling told us why they are taking the fight to the UK government's Brexit plan.