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Americans are increasingly worried that Trump’s trade wars will damage the economy and eliminate jobs

Citing tariffs as a chief concern, Americans were much less optimistic about the economy in early June, according to a closely watched survey.
Target recorded its strongest quarterly growth in shopper traffic in more than a decade.

Americans are becoming more optimistic about the economy

A measure of consumer confidence began to recover in April as Americans became increasingly upbeat about the economy.

Americans haven’t felt this good about the economy in 18 years, but that could be foreshadowing a coming recession

US consumer confidence is at its strongest level since 2000, according to the Conference Board's most recent survey. Such peaks in confidence have preceded previous recessions, and some market watchers are worried about what happens this time.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s trade war is a ‘darkening cloud on the horizon,’ and Americans are starting to get worried

President Donald Trump's trade war is starting to make average Americans nervous. According to the University of Michigan's consumer confidence survey, the number of people mentioning Trump's tariffs in a negative light has more than doubled in the past two months.

Americans just made a major about-face on the stock market for the first time since Trump’s election

People who expect the stock market to fall over the next year now outnumber people who predict the opposite, according to the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence survey.

Americans are starting to worry about the possibility of a Trump trade war

Nearly 30% of people surveyed in the University of Michigan's consumer-confidence survey brought up President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs.

America’s rich people are freaked out about Trump’s newest policy push

The top third income earners in America are seriously about President Trump's new tariffs and trade policy according to the UMich consumer confidence survey.
Oxford Street in London, the scene of many a minimum wage retail job.

Forget about a pay rise: The 3 charts that define the struggles of the British consumer in 2018

Real wages aren't going to rise as fast as many forecasters think describing ING's position as "a little more cautious than the Bank of England on wage growth."

Consumer confidence slides off 17-year high

Consumer confidence hit a 17-year high in November, but economists expect that number to slip in December.