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12 common, expensive things that aren’t worth your money

We spoke with several financial planners about 12 common, expensive things that most people would be better off not spending their money on.
The USDA finally gave a deadline to GMO labeling.

A new rule requires GMO products to be labeled by 2022, and some food companies are rejoicing

The USDA just announced that food companies will have until 2022 to label their GMO crops.

This former Wall Streeter turned down $2 million and pays herself less than her interns in order to build her company on her own terms

"There's no such thing as a free lunch," says Kimberley Ho, founder of Evereden. "With VC funding, strings always comes attached."
You just got a bad deal.

Volvo just launched a new subscription service for its cars — but it’s a bad deal for consumers

To anyone with experience buying or leasing vehicles, no-haggle pricing is a non-starter.

Tim Hortons’ Canadian sales drop following reports that the brand is losing its identity as a national icon

Tim Hortons' sales in Canada are dropping — and franchisees say that the chain is losing its national identity.

A new startup that sells everything from chef’s knives to maple syrup for just $3 raised $50 million to be the ‘Procter & Gamble for ...

Brandless, a new startup selling food and household goods for $3, is rejecting the idea that consumers are emotionally attached to the brands we buy.

Corporate America investing in itself is going to be what powers stocks higher

When it comes to boosting stocks, few things are more important than companies investing in themselves. And capex is picking up.

Banks are giving away credit cards like it’s 2008

New US consumer credit card issuance at Bank of America hit the highest level since 2008.

BANK OF AMERICA CEO: The most important part of the US economy is in ‘good shape’

Bank of America's Brian Moynihan is feeling pretty good about the American consumer.

America’s shrinking middle class is killing the economy

The IMF's latest review of the US economy reveals one thing that's killing consumption: a shrinking number of middle-income households.