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Create your own internship online.

I’m a career coach who found her first job at the end of the 2008 recession. Here’s my 5-step guide for college grads looking for their fi...

It is an unprecedented moment in history for college grads seeking jobs in the coronavirus economy. It will hard, but not impossible.
Jeffrey Fleischman.

How to get through an unexpected layoff without settling for a job you hate, from someone who’s done it

Author Jeffrey Fleischman contended with an unexpected layoff, and emerged from the other side to become a CMO.
Adam Calli.

Stores, restaurants, and companies across the US are putting staff on furlough as they shut down during the coronavirus outbreak — here’s ...

A record 6.6 million people filed for unemployment last week. Some of this is from furloughs, or unpaid temporary leaves for employees.
Justin Maiman.

Yale’s most popular class on happiness is free right now — I took it, and here are the 6 tricks that have already made me happier

Yale's most popular class is available for free to everyone online amid the coronavirus pandemic, so non-students can participate as well.
A plague doctor, a physician hired specifically to treat bubonic plague victims, with a distinctive mask that developed around the 17th century.

Economic contractions and pandemics go ‘hand in hand’ — just look at the Black Death

The Black Death's aftermath radically altered Europe's economic landscape — particularly for workers.
Peter Vanham (right) poses with his mother, Ann Kellens, and his father, the virologist Guido Vanham.

Read the letter my dad, a top virologist, wrote our family about signs of progress around COVID-19 — and why we can’t end the lockdown any...

It's pretty unrealistic to organize any mass events for the next six months, says Guido Vanham, one of Belgium's top virologists.
Anxiety is often misunderstood.

7 things mental health experts wish you knew about anxiety, according to a psychotherapist

Anxiety is the most common — yet most undertreated — mental illness in America. Only 36% of individuals with an anxiety disorder get treatment.
The author with her puppy, Marshall.

I’m a pet sitter whose business has been decimated by COVID-19 — here’s what I’m doing to protect myself and stay afloat finan...

My experience is a microcosm of what all gig economy workers are experiencing. But you can do something about it.
The Kantors in front of their airstream van.

For people who live on the road, self-isolating at home during the pandemic is impossible — now there’s a spreadsheet to connect them with...

Megan Kantor and her husband live in a van. When coronavirus shut down places to park, they created a community to help van-lifers find homes.

5 steps you can take today to prepare your business for a recession — and come out stronger than the rest

Kelly Roach, the CEO of Unstoppable Entrepreneur, says you can use the recession to strengthen your business — if you prepare the right way.