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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Watching the Democratic debate tonight? Here’s how to stop bias from tainting your view of female candidates, according to a professor who speci...

Even if you don't realize it, your subconscious may make you biased against female candidates during the debate.
Amanda Frances.

I went from being a nanny and cocktail server to a multi-millionaire at 33. Here are my 3 tricks for getting ahead.

Amanda Frances went from dropping out of a PhD program to running her own multi-million-dollar business.

I spent 5 years analyzing how rich people get rich — and found there are generally 4 paths to wealth

I spent five years interviewing millionaires, trying to figure out how they amassed their wealth. After analyzing my research, I had some idea.
Ben Folds.

‘It was a pretty good run’: Musician Ben Folds on what it’s like to be an aging rocker

Musician Ben Folds has dabbled in everything from pop music to classical piano concertos. He's come to see pop music as music for the "mating age."

14 things that child therapists wish they could say to parents

Parents are incredibly influential in their children's lives — sometimes even in ways they don't realize, say these experts,
Most Saver-Investors don't seem rich at first glance.

I interviewed over 200 millionaires, and about half of them followed the same straightforward path to wealth

About half of the millionaires followed the same path to wealth: They lived below their means, saved consistently, invested, and gave it time.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg before a Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees joint hearing.

Silicon Valley has an obsession with ‘obliterating’ the competition — and Washington may not be equipped to deal with it

Jay Friedman writes that Silicon Valley wants to "obliterate" the competition while dabbling in questionable ethics. Can Washington handle it?
Andie and Al.

‘Women don’t ask’ is a myth: Two gender equality experts say women aren’t getting ahead, and it’s because of how workpla...

In "It's Not You, It's the Workplace," two writers tackle what they call the gendered nature of work culture today — and why it's unfair to women.

People always ask me how much money it takes to be wealthy, and after studying millionaires for 5 years I know what to tell them

The most accurate answer is that you're rich when your non-work, passive income equals or exceed your living expenses.
Chris Reining knows a thing or two about money.

I retired at 37 as a self-made millionaire, and 3 years later I’ve learned a few big lessons about money and life

Three years after retiring, I'm convinced it was the right choice. Time is more precious than money, and what makes you happiest how you spend it.