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This is the cookie dough to buy for a treat-yourself snack.

The best pre-made cookie dough, according to chefs

Sometimes we just want to indulge and dive into some store-bought cookie dough. Chefs weighed in to help us get the best one.

I tried Daily Harvest’s new plant-based holiday cookies to see how they stack up to the real deal

Daily Harvest's holiday cookies are only available from November 9, 2018, through the end of the year, and may just make the perfect under-$50 gift.
We baked cookies with six different brands of ready-to-bake cookie dough and compared them.

We tried 6 brands of ready-to-bake cookie dough ― and the winner was a classic

We tried cookies from Nestle, Pillsbury, Great Value, Annie's Homegrown, Soozie's Doozies, and Sweet Loren's. Here's the best cookies made from ready-to-bake cookie dough.
Da Vinci Charter Academy

Students in California are accused of handing out cookies made with human ash to their classmates

Students at a California high school allegedly used cremated human remains to bake a batch of sugar cookies and handed them out to their classmates. Police are investigating the claims that two students at DaVinci Charter Academy in Davis allegedly gave the cookies to nine of their classmates.
Pillsbury has recently released "Elf" sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies inspired by ‘Elf’ are now a thing and here’s where you can get them

Fans have recently spotted "Elf" themed cookies in stores and online. Just in time for the holiday season, you can now get ready-to-bake Buddy the Elf sugar cookies from Pillsbury. Here's where you can get find them.
Kathleen King, founder of Tate's Bake Shop.

The founder of a $500 million baked-goods empire says the failure of her first cookie company taught her a crucial lesson about hard work and success

Tate's Bake Shop, home to America's No. 1 chocolate chip cookie, recently sold to Mondolēz International for $500 million. Its founder, Kathleen King, credits the success of Tate's to losing her first business. Find out how she created a multi-million dollar cookie empire.

Here’s where to find free cookies and deals on National Cookie Day

70% of Americans eat cookies once per week. We found companies that are giving out free cookies or deals on National Cookie Day.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google is being taken to court in the UK for bypassing iPhone privacy settings

The company is alleged to have illegally accessed cookies of 5.4 million UK Safari users.

This is how Russian hackers broke into millions of Yahoo accounts without passwords, according to the FBI

The Russian hackers used fake cookies to get into millions of Yahoo accounts, according to

It’s National Cereal Day— and 1 chef is changing the food like never before

Milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl inspired chef Christina Tosi to create a cookie empire and now she's changing the way people think about a breakfast classic