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People sit outside the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., September 15, 2016.

America’s business leaders reveal the things they are most worried about in a new UBS survey

American business leaders weighed in with their outlooks for this year in a new biannual survey from UBS.
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, CNBC's Becky Quick and JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon think they can solve a huge American problem by treating CEOs like babies

OPINION: Buffett and Dimon think that quarterly guidance incentivize CEOs to think short term, but that's just one part of how C-suite incentives are flawed right now.

Jamie Dimon needs to stop gaslighting America

OPINION: No, Mr. Dimon, America is not crazy. American corporations do not desperately need tax relief.

Trump’s tax plan could knee-cap a bunch of huge companies

Companies that borrow heavily and charge the interest on that debt to their American subsidiaries can lower their tax bill.

Trump wants to hand corporate America a sweet tax deal — but it doesn’t look like CEOs will share the wealth

If the economy is weak, CEOs are going to continue spending extra cash on propping up stock prices.

This plan to fix corporate America is very rich coming from Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon just signed a letter with a bunch of suggestions for improving corporate governance, and that's rich all things considered.

HEY, CORPORATIONS: Pay. Your. People. More. Money!

Why don't companies just pay people more?