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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Amazon was the only big tech company repeatedly called out by name during the Democratic presidential debates

The Democrats condemned lots of industries, from healthcare to oil to insurance, but only condemned one tech company repeatedly: Amazon.

Singapore among top 5 Innovation Champions named by CES organiser Consumer Technology Association

Singapore was lauded for being the first country to test self-driving taxis.

Malaysia will not implement wealth tax – for now – so economy can recover, says Finance Minister

Wealth, inheritance and capital gains tax are some of the taxes Malaysia has decided not to implement for fear of "massive" capital flight.

As Singapore ages, its low tax model creaks

The Straits Times ...
President Donald Trump


The Senate passed the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, moving it closer to becoming law and Trump's first major legislative victory.
President Donald Trump and Ways and Means Chair Kevin Brady

House Republicans are considering making their giant corporate tax cut temporary

The slash in the corporate tax rate to 20% from the current 35% may only last 10 years, and then reverse.
Donald Trump.

Trump’s tax plan could give a bigger boost to foreign investors than America’s middle class

Foreign holders of US stocks could see a much bigger boost from Trump's tax plan than middle-income Americans, according toa new analysis.
President Donald Trump

LARRY SUMMERS: The new argument for Trump’s tax plan is ‘dishonest, incompetent and absurd’

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is firing back at Trump's CEA chair Kevin Hassett over a key paper on the Trump tax plan.

BUFFETT: GOP tax plan is ‘not a tax-reform act, it’s a tax-cut act,’ and chances of it passing are ‘higher than most people th...

Warren Buffett said the GOP was more likely to pass a tax plan than people thought, but he disagreed with removing the estate tax and cutting corporate taxes.

Steve Mnuchin tried to bury a number that tells you whom Trump’s tax plan is really for

Steve Mnuchin is going to great lengths to have you believe that a corporate tax cut is actually for you — it's not.