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"When the lines are long, the churros are good," one employee said.

Costco employees share their 13 best food-court secrets and hacks

Costco's food court is popular for its consistently cheap prices and tasty menu items. Here are some tips from employees on how to make the most of the delicious perk.
What's your favorite Costco food court menu item?

12 Costco food court menu items employees swear by

Costco food courts boast inexpensive and tasty offerings — so we asked the workers there to pick their favorites. They mentioned the hot dogs, the smoothie, and an overwhelming favorite: pizza.
Costco's hot dogs have old-school prices.

Costco infuriated customers by slashing a food-court favorite from the menu. Here’s why the company made the change.

Costco is changing its menu, ditching the Polish hot dog to try out some new menu items. Recent Costco food-court test items include acai bowls, an organic burger, and a vegan "Al Pastor" salad.

30 Costco food court items you’d never guess were on the menu

Costco employees revealed that their regional food courts have slightly different menus. Here's what Costco's food court offers around the US and the world.

We went to Costco’s food court — and it was one of the best fast food experiences we’ve ever had

Readers mentioned Costco's hot dogs and pizza, so we visited the retail giant to try its food court — and it totally exceeded our expectations.

South Korean shoppers are obsessed with a dish called ‘Costco kimchi’ — here’s how to order it in the US

Costco customers in South Korea are eating 20 times as many onions as their American budget-shopping counterparts.

Costco’s food court is testing a burger that’s been called a Shake Shack ripoff — here’s everything we know about it

Costco's food court is testing a new menu item that's being compared to Shake Shack's iconic burger. Here's what people who have tried the burger have to say.
Costco's hot dogs have old-school prices.

Why Costco food courts have charged $1.50 for hot dogs since 1985, according to employees

Costco food court options don't change much. The price of the hot-dog-and-soda combo meal hasn't even changed since 1985 — and there's a reason for that.
That's a lot of cheese.

Costco uses over a pound of cheese for the $9.95 cheese pizzas in its food court

Costco food courts sell massive 18-inch cheese pizzas with 12 slices. If you somehow manage to down a whole cheese pizza by yourself, you'll be eating 24 ounces — or a pound and a half —of cheese.

7 things you probably didn’t know you can buy at Costco

The retail giant sells a number of items that you might not consider buying during your weekly shopping trip.