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Don't yell at Costco employees over things they can't change.

Costco employees share the 24 things they wish shoppers would stop doing

Costco jobs come with the downside of sometimes having to deal with incredibly rude customers and annoying shopper habits.
Costco is known for its great benefits and high pay.

Costco workers reveal 33 things they’d love to tell shoppers, but can’t

Costco membership doesn't entitle you to do whatever you want in the store, and employees say they'd prefer if people refrained from these behaviors.
"When the lines are long, the churros are good," one employee said.

Costco workers share their 13 best food-court secrets and hacks

Costco's food court is popular for its consistently cheap prices and tasty menu items, including its hot dogs and pizza.
What's your favorite Costco food court menu item?

12 Costco food court menu items workers swear by

Costco food courts boast inexpensive and tasty offerings — so we asked the workers there to pick their favorites.

Costco employees share their 9 best tips for getting an even better deal on your next shopping excursion

Costco deals aren't always easy to spot. Here's some insider advice on how to make the most of your next shopping experience.
I ate everything at Costco's food court, and the hot dog is still its best item.

I ate everything at Costco’s food court, and this $1.50 classic is still the best item on the menu

For only $1.50, the same price it's been at Costco for years, you get half a pound of meat wrapped in a bun — and a fountain drink.

Costco workers reveal 6 things they’d never buy from the store

Costco products are known for their reasonable prices and bulk sizes — but there are some employees say they choose to avoid.
One employee called the policy the warehouse's "first line of defense."

Here’s what happens when you show up at Costco without a membership card, according to employees

Costco members are typically asked to show employees their membership cards at the entrance to the warehouse.

Costco employees share 31 things they’d love to tell shoppers but can’t

Costco membership doesn't entitle you to do whatever you want in the store, employees say. Here's what Costco workers wish they could tell members of the retail warehouse club.
Start your hunt in the middle of the store.

19 insider facts about shopping at Costco only employees know

Costco deals, secrets, and hacks that employees know — and shoppers should learn. Keep reading for a look at the interesting facts and money-saving tips you can apply on your next Costco run.