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Costco employees share their 9 best tips for getting an even better deal on your next shopping trip

Costco deals aren't always easy to spot. Here's some insider advice on how to make the most of your next shopping experience, from the employees themselves.
Don't yell at Costco employees over things they can't change.

Costco employees share the 24 things they wish shoppers would stop doing

Costco jobs come with the downside of sometimes having to deal with incredibly rude customers and annoying shopper habits. Here are some behaviors you can avoid on your next Costco run.

A Bill Gates-backed edible coating makes avocados last twice as long — and it’s coming to Costco

Apeel Sciences makes an invisible coating from plant molecules that acts as an edible barrier to oxygen, pests, and water. Now, the company's avocados are hitting Costco and Harps Food Stores locations across the US.

12 Costco food court menu items employees swear by

Costco food courts boast inexpensive and tasty offerings — so we asked the workers there to pick their favorites. They mentioned the hot dogs, the smoothie, and an overwhelming favorite: pizza.
Costco's website has a lot to offer, but it can be tricky to navigate.

We compared online shopping at Costco and Boxed, the ‘Costco for millennials,’ and one had a clear advantage over the other

Costco and Boxed both sell bulk products for reasonable prices. We shopped on both websites and found that one was a lot easier to use than the other.
Kirkland Signature provides quality products that meet or beat name-brand competition.

9 items you should always buy from Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand

Costco's Kirkland Signature brand has a well-earned reputation for quality products that meet or beat name-brand competition. While buying in bulk certainly costs more upon purchase, you can save money in the long run. Here are nine Kirkland Signature products that are worth every penny.

You don’t need a membership to shop at Costco online — but there’s a catch

You don't need to be a Costco member to shop online, but there are a few caveats for non-member shoppers — they may have to pay extra fees in a few places.

I just went to Costco for the first time, and it was unlike any other shopping experience I’ve had

Shopping at Costco can be overwhelming because of the seemingly endless products scattered strategically throughout the warehouse. As a new member, I was surprised by what I found the first time I went to Costco.

Costco just became an even more appealing place to work after raising its minimum wage to $14 an hour

The new wage hikes come in the wake of the GOP's corporate tax cuts, which are encouraging companies to raise wages and even hand out bonuses to employees.
Make the most of your membership.

The best deals you can find at Costco, according to employees

Costco membership can lead to some big deals, but it always helps to shop armed with insider information. So Business Insider asked employees which items are the biggest steals in the store.