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Dominican Republic officials are reportedly investigating whether counterfeit alcohol caused recent tourist deaths — here’s what that is

Unregulated alcohol, also known as counterfeit or bootleg alcohol, is an international problem, having caused deaths across the world in recent years.
There's probably a reason the price sounds too good to be true.

Fake products sold by places like Walmart or Amazon hold risks of everything from cyanide to rat droppings — here’s how to make sure what ...

Third-party sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay can dupe customers into buying counterfeit makeup, clothing, and electronics. Here's what to look for.

There’s a 90% chance the Apple power accessories you bought on Amazon are fake

When it comes to Apple accessories, if it's too cheap to be true, it probably is.

One chart shows where all of the world’s fake goods come from

Most of the world's faked and stolen goods come from China.