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20 things you should never say to your coworkers

Being friends with your coworkers can be great, but it can get you in trouble if you don't keep things professional at work.
Tutoring after school is a common side gig.

15 of the most common side gigs, and how much they pay

From customer service representatives to tutors, here's a look at some of the most common side gigs.
Don't waste time.

A professor who’s spent years studying effective management says some of the best meetings involve almost no talking

To come up with a more creative idea, minimize talking in meetings at work. That way, everyone can share their thoughts without fear of looking silly.
Don't comment on someone's appearance unless you have something nice to say — but keep it professional.

31 unprofessional habits that annoy everyone you work with

Everyone has bad workplace habits, whether you realize it or not. Remind yourself what behavior at work may be negatively affecting others.
A capsule wardrobe might make choosing what to wear to work this summer less of a hassle.

18 people share the most annoying things their co-workers do

Dealing with co-workers can be frustrating, especially since you spend so much time together. We rounded up
Complimenting your loved ones is a great way to boost their confidence.

53 compliments that have nothing to do with appearance

There are many ways you can compliment your friends, family, and co-workers without commenting on the way they look. Focus on their brains or bravery.

35 clever last-minute presents for coworkers that they’ll actually be happy to receive

We rounded up a master list of 35 of the best Christmas presents for coworkers that they will actually want from you — all under $50.

22 work-appropriate yet thoughtful last-minute gifts for your boss — all under $50

These thoughtful gifts for boss maintain professionalism — but still get the message across that you appreciate their hard work.
Simmer down.

13 things you should never say to your coworkers at the office holiday party

Keep things professional at your office's holiday party this year. Here are 13 things you should avoid saying to your coworkers.
Maybe just stick to homemade cookies or a really nice pen.

34 of the most bizarre holiday gifts employees have ever received from a coworker

You're better off avoiding gifts that are inappropriate, offensive, or that might leave your coworkers scratching their heads.