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Miha Matei Photography / Rent the Runway

I tried Rent the Runway’s new Amazon Go-inspired store in San Francisco and it felt like shoplifting

The mostly-automated Rent the Runway store lets you pick out whatever you want, scan it through a self-checkout system, and walk out with your bounty.
Office Depot in Los Gatos, California, is now part-office-supply store, part-office.

Office Depot just opened a coworking space inside one of its stores. Take a look inside.

Office Depot is branching out beyond office supplies — now, one of its stores functions as an office, too. Take a look inside Office Depot's new coworking space in its Los Gatos, California store.
Home House.

The director of an iconic private members’ club reveals what goes on behind closed doors — and the red flag that stops him from accepting ...

The club, which has most recently been host to wild parties and celebrities like Madonna, Paul McCartney, and David Hasselhoff, tells its members only one thing — 'nudity is discouraged.'
The Wing is opening six new locations, including one in London.

The exclusive no-men-allowed club that’s raised over $32 million from investors like WeWork is going international

The Wing, a women-only coworking space and club, announced it's opening six new locations, including London and Toronto.
The Assemblage in Manhattan's NoMad neighborhood.

Lawyers and venture capitalists do yoga and meditate in a new type of New York City coworking space that was created after its founder took a psychede...

The founder of The Assemblage wants members to connect to their "higher mind" through work, collaboration, yoga, and meditation.
Fancy a "tech-free yurt" in your workspace?

8 of the most luxurious and exclusive co-working spaces in London, ranked by price

For £250 a month, you can work in an office with "bespoke scents" in each room, tailored music playlists, olive trees, and moss-covered walls."

‘Shark Tank’ investor Daymond John is building an entrepreneur hub in a 14-story New York high-rise

Daymond John is developing a center for entrepreneurs through Shark Group and a new innovative co-op space called Blueprint + co.

Here’s why Microsoft is giving nearly a third of its New York employees memberships at WeWork

Microsoft is shifting 300 of its New York employees to WeWork memberships in two locations, bringing them closer to startups and developers.

A legendary Silicon Valley designer is taking on WeWork, the coworking startup worth $16 billion

Yves Béhar takes on WeWork with the launch of a new coworking startup, Canopy.