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Singaporeans made S$1.6 billion in voluntary CPF top-ups this year: Government

Looks like Singaporeans are doing more to grow retirement savings, by taking advantage of CPF's above-average interest rates.

Singapore has one of the 10 best retirement schemes globally, and is the best in Asia: Mercer

Singapore was also the only Asian country to receive a B grade.

Here are 3 key announcements PM Lee made at the National Day Rally that will affect millennials

The retirement age, CPF, and school fees will be affected.

More people are buying HDB flats over 40 years old, after CPF changed its rule about leases

It's great news for sellers of old flats, who might finally be able to get a private property.

After viral photo, Manpower Minister admits CPF Board has ‘much room for improvement’ and will review letters sent to elderly about retire...

You're not the only one who finds CPF confusing. To address this, the elderly will soon be given direct access to a CPF officer to learn about their retirement funds.

CPF just debunked a viral post claiming the payout age is now 70 – but netizens are upset they still have to apply for it

Many netizens took issue with the fact that the CPF Board chose to start the automatic payouts for people at age 70, instead of 65 - and created a system that would likely confuse the elderly.