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The best credit card rewards, bonuses, and benefits of 2019

Save up points with the best credit card reward programs. We break down what you need to know to pick the right credit card benefits and rewards.
Holly Johnson, who maximizes credit card rewards from 26 cards.

I have 26 credit cards. Here’s the best advice I can give you to maximize your rewards

I've earned over 1 million points and miles I've used to travel the world. Here are my tips for maximizing rewards with multiple credit cards.

2 in 3 commuters plan to use their credit or debit card to pay for bus or train fares in Singapore, UOB study finds

UOB said it has seen an increasing use of contactless credit and debit card payments for transit since SimplyGo was piloted in 2017.

Apple’s new Apple Card credit card doesn’t have any hidden fees or late-payment charges

The credit card also has a rewards program called Daily Cash, featuring 2% cash back when using Apple Pay and 3% when buying directly from Apple.

Apple has unveiled its new credit card with Goldman Sachs with 2% cash back — here are the details

Apple on Monday announced the details of its new credit card, which eliminates fees and offers daily cash-back rewards.
The card will featured a simple black design with Sephora's logo.

Sephora is launching its first-ever credit card that comes with extra rewards and perks

The beauty retailer is launching three versions of a new credit card, each with special rewards and perks.

7 mistakes to avoid when using a balance-transfer credit card

Deciding whether to transfer your credit card balance to a 0% interest balance transfer card isn't as simple as it sounds. Here's what to consider.
A data breach like the one affecting Marriott customers won't ruin your financial future.

500 million Marriott customers have had their data hacked. Here’s what you should do instead of freaking out.

The Marriott data breach has exposed up to 500 million people's personal information. Here are the steps you should take to protect your data online.
Are you a victim of a credit card scam?

There’s a good chance you’re a victim of credit card scams and you don’t even know it — here’s what to do

Credit card fraud is on the rise — and so are the different types of credit card scams. Credit card scammers are getting smarter, employing all sorts of tricks to obtain your personal information. Here's what to do to protect yourself.