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Former Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett speaks to local media after resigning over conditions in a jail a judge had ordered her to house inmates in.

An Oklahoma sheriff and all her deputies resigned together — and now no one knows who’s in charge

An Oklahoma sheriff resigned along with all of her deputies, citing abysmal conditions in the jail that a judge had ordered her to house inmates in.
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Chicago in November 2017.

Biden played key role in pushing US to take hardline stances on crime in 1990s, and now he’s apologizing as 2020 looms

"I haven't always been right. I know we haven't always gotten things right, but I've always tried," Biden said.
Sen. Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is likely going to run for president, but her record as a ‘progressive prosecutor’ is facing renewed scrutiny

Sen. Kamala Harris is facing renewed scrutiny of her law enforcement career as she reportedly prepares for a 2020 presidential bid.
Brooke, one of the undercover inmates on "60 Days In."

‘It is just hell’: 7 regular people who spent 2 months undercover at an Arizona jail were horrified by the disturbing reality of life behi...

"Being in jail is a nightmare. It is just hell," one of the undercover inmates on season five of "60 Days In" told Business Insider.

Most Americans approve of the bipartisan, Trump-backed criminal-justice reforms that the Senate just passed

Nearly 60% of Americans either "strongly approve" or "somewhat approve" of the criminal-justice reform bill that the Senate passed Tuesday evening.
Michael Rubin (left) and Meek Mill.

Michael Rubin and Meek Mill will speak about better capitalism and criminal justice reform at IGNITION 2018

Michael Rubin and Meek Mill have been working together to combat systemic issues within America's criminal justice system. Learn more at IGNITION.

These photos of prison cells around the world show how differently countries treat their criminals

Prison cells vary widely from country to country. See how prisoners live in the US, Norway, Japan, and other places around the world.
Israel's only women's prison, Neve Tirza, has been described as isolating and claustrophobic.

There’s only one women’s prison in Israel — and a photographer documented the inmates in harrowing detail

At Neve Tirza, the only women's prison in Israel, Jews, Muslims, and Christians languish in overcrowded cells and receive little care from guards.
One woman intentionally got arrested so she could quit smoking cigarettes in jail.

Some people get arrested on purpose so they can go to jail — and their reasons range from sad, to nefarious, to political

Some people want to go to jail to kick drug habits, find medical care, or prove a political point. Here are some times people have been arrested on purpose.
On "60 Days In," inmates at Indiana's Clark County Jail demonstrated the creative way they exercise using common jail-cell materials.

Regular people who went undercover in jail uncovered 13 ‘ingenious’ life hacks inmates use to survive life behind bars

Inmates on "60 Days In" found creative ways to exercise, put on makeup, and even make tattoo guns using common household materials.