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A government-funded research project using insects to genetically modify crops could trigger a ‘biological arms race,’ scientists warn

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to genetically modify crops using virus-carrying insects. Darpa says this would protect crops from droughts, floods, and frost. Some scientists and lawyers, however, say the Insect Allies program could be engineered to kill plants instead.

The $66 billion Bayer-Monsanto merger just got a major green light — but farmers are terrified

Bayer has won approval in the US to buy agricultural giant Monsanto. But many farmers are worried about what the consolidation might mean for them.

An 18-year study of bees finally sheds light on something that may be wiping them out

There's finally a study that tries to actually parse out the effects neonicotinoids have on bees in the wild.

An American initiative is investing $130 million in cutting food waste

More than a third of the world's food goes uneaten.