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Cruises aren't always as perfect as they might seem.

Disappointing photos show what cruise ships look like in real life

Cruises can be a blissful escape for travelers of all ages. Or they can be the worst. Vacation expectations don't always match reality.
The lobster roll at Hooked was very good.

I spent a week eating my way through the world’s largest cruise ship’s 23 restaurants. Here are the 10 very best dishes.

Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas features everything from New York-style pizza to a DIY taco bar.
Ariana Mazzagatti stretches before every show.

A performer on the world’s largest cruise ship reveals how she got the gig, and what working at sea is really like

Ariana Mazzagatti is an entertainer aboard the world's largest cruise ship. Here's what it's like to get paid to perform while traveling the world.
Yes, the bridge has the best views in the house.

I’ve traveled all over the world but just went on my very first cruise. Here are the 22 things that surprised me the most, as well as my best ti...

I'm a seasoned traveler, but a total cruise newbie. From learning about "ship time" to paying a daily gratuity fee, here's what surprised me the most.

I went on the world’s largest cruise and found getting onto a giant ship similar to boarding a flight — but way more efficient

It takes military precision to run a ship this size smoothly. See just how efficient getting on and off the Symphony of the Seas is.
One of the robots getting liquor in order to make a drink.

The world’s largest cruise ship has a bar with robot bartenders. Here’s how my margarita compared to one made by a human.

The world's largest cruise ship features a lot of trippy amenities, like the Bionic Bar, which is staffed by two robot bartenders.
The Starbucks aboard Symphony of the Seas is technically a Starbucks kiosk.

The world’s largest cruise ship has everything from an ice rink to a zip line, but it’s the Starbucks that surprised me most

Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship. It has 23 eateries, and one of those is a run-of-the-mill Starbucks.
The cruise costs $1.2 million per couple.

A lavish 4-month cruise that costs $1.2 million per couple features private-jet transfers and overnight stays at the world’s most luxurious hote...

Luxury cruise company Six Star Cruises just announced a $1.2 million, 123-day voyage across 11 countries.

Cruise lines like Carnival and Norwegian offer credit cards with benefits like bonus points. Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

Major cruise lines like Carnival and Disney offer their own credit cards. There are some perks, but make sure you look at other rewards cards too.
Bora Bora has been declared one of the top cruise-ship destinations of 2019, per Cruise Critic.

The top 5 places to take a cruise to this year

Based on travelers' reviews on Cruise Critic, these top-pick destinations are located in Alaska, France, Bora Bora, Austria, and Singapore.