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The iced-tea company that pivoted to blockchain is finally going all in on blockchain

Long Blockchain, formerly Long Island Ice Tea Corp., announced the sale of its ready-to-drink tea business
Cracking the Quadriga case has been near impossible.

Experts finally tracked down the digital wallets of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to millions. They say the money’s gone

Quadriga's CEO died with the passwords to $137 million in customers' cryptocurrency holdings. But the money's disappeared.
SoFi CEO Anthony Noto is getting into crypto trading.

SoFi is jumping into crypto trading as the $4 billion fintech looks to become a financial hub for Main Street

The $4 billion fintech also announced the launch of its savings and investing platforms, SoFi Money and SoFi Invest.

Ripple’s XRP spikes after Coinbase says it’ll add the cryptocurrency

The digital-currency exchange Coinbase said it will list Ripple's XRP starting Tuesday, send the cryptocurrency up more than 10%.

A crypto exchange can’t repay $190 million it owes customers because its CEO died with the only password

QuadrigaCX's founder and CEO, Gerald Cotten, who reportedly died in December, is believed to have had the sole ability to access the crypto exchange.
Nasdaq's technology is widely used by exchanges in traditional markets, in addition to broker-dealers and regulators, to oversee trading and flag potential acts of manipulation.

Crypto exchanges want Wall Street money, but a Nasdaq executive says there’s 1 big obstacle holding them back

Interest from crypto exchanges to suss out manipulation on their venues with technology used by traditional exchanges is climbing.
Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, shows the Drive Pegasus robotaxi AI computer at his keynote address at CES

Nvidia’s crypto problem may be bigger than it admits, according to an analyst who crunched the numbers

Nvidia's crypto problem is bigger than it admits, RBC says, after doing the math.

Bitcoin sinks to its lowest level of the year

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, fell to its lowest since December 2017 early Monday.

JPMorgan says the only real use for cryptocurrencies will be in a post-capitalist dystopia

Cryptocurrencies going into 2018 looking like an asset on the up, it ended the year by falling spectacularly driving devotees apoplectic.
A technician of computer microprocessors maker AMD poses for the media with a wafer at the chip plant in Dresden October 24, 2006. AMD celebrated its 10th anniversary of the AMD plant in the eastern German city of Dresden on Tuesday.

AMD is facing a ‘pretty sizable’ earnings mess, analyst says

AMD will likely have a "pretty sizable mess" when its fourth-quarter earnings come out on January 29, said an analyst.