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A location on Mars associated with the best-selling novel and Hollywood movie, "The Martian" This area is in the Acidalia Planitia region and in the novel and the movie, it is the landing site of a crewed mission named Ares 3.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars for 6 years now — here’s what the red planet’s surface looks like up close

NASA's Curiosity rover has been at Mars for six years now. Some photos of the Martian surface look like the prototypical idea of the red planet: rocky, dry, and dusty. Yet other craters and canyons offer otherworldly colors and patterns.
A selfie by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover during a Martian dust storm.

NASA’s nuclear-powered Mars rover took an amazing selfie during an intense global dust storm

During a globe-surrounding dust storm on Mars, NASA's nuclear-powered Curiosity rover took a high-resolution selfie. The image, which fans of the spacecraft stitched together, shows how dim and dusty conditions on the red planet have become.
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover seen on lower Mount Sharp in a self-portrait taken Aug. 5, 2015 and released Aug. 19, 2015.

NASA is announcing a big new discovery about Mars today — here’s how to watch it live

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover has discovered something new and exciting about the red planet. The space agency is announcing the findings to the world on Thursday. Here's how to watch live.
Colin Creager works on the latest version of the shape-memory alloy spring tire designed for roving on Mars.

Mars destroys tires — so NASA reinvented the wheel by giving it a memory

Engineers at NASA have reinvented the wheel by making a nearly invincible woven-mesh design that "remembers" its ideal shape and springs back into form.

NASA just released a jaw-dropping 360 degree photo that makes you feel like you’re on Mars

What you're seeing here is a brand new landscape unlike anything the Curiosity rover has encountered before.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is snapping pictures of something unlike anything it has encountered before

In December, the rover reached a new territory called Bagnold Dunes, which is rich with one of Mars' most iconic landscapes: dunes.