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The ‘Miracurl on Ice’ US curling team were given the wrong medals during ceremony

The US men's curling team received gold medals that read "women's curling."
American skip John Shuster celebrates after giving the United States a huge lead late in the game.

THE ‘MIRACURL ON ICE!’ Team USA curling skipper hit the ‘shot of his life’ to win an improbable gold medal for the United Stat...

John Shuster shook off the demons of past Olympics to hit the biggest shot of his life in the gold medal game against Sweden.
That island, which looks a little like a curling stone, produces every curling stone for the Olympics.

Olympic curling stones come from a unique island better known for being the backdrop of a famous Trump golf course

The formation of the island was a perfect storm that created granite smooth enough to glide on ice and strong enough to withstand collisions.
Amanda Kessel #28 and Hannah Brandt #20 of the United States celebrate winning gold after shootout with Canada.

The US hockey and curling teams made history late Wednesday night, and conquered Canada in the process

The US owned Canada in an 6-hour period in a way we've never seen at the Winter Olympics.
Was there any reason for Alexander Krushelnitsky to use performance enhancing drugs?

How doping helps even Olympic curlers — like the accused athlete from Russia — get ahead

At the Winter Olympics, curler Alexander Krushelnitsky from Russia tested positive for using the banned drug meldonium. Here's why it might help.
Alexander Krushelnitsky is the latest Russian athlete to get caught up in a doping scandal.

Russia launches criminal investigation into Olympic curler’s doping case, citing inconsistencies in test results

Bronze medal winner Alexander Krushelnitsky insists he is clean despite failing a recent drug test, which the Russian Federation intends to investigate.
Team Shuster is in position to win the United States' first medal in men's curling since 2006.

An astounding comeback puts the US men’s curling team just one win away from its first medal since the 2006 Winter Olympics

Team Shuster had no room for error after falling to 2-4 in round robin play — and rose to the occasion with three straight wins to earn a spot in the semifinal.
Great Britain's women's curling team was confused by the hog line violation.

Great Britain curling team loses in ‘gutting’ fashion after controversial rules violation

Great Britain's women's curling team was called for a hog line violation that became even more controversial after replays seemed to disagree with the call.