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A US Navy Petty Officer waits in the hangar bay of the USS Constellation as the ship approaches its home port of Coronado, California, June 2, 2003.

US military asks troops to stop smashing the ‘REPLY TO ALL’ button on emails, bans YouTube and Netflix because of bandwidth strain during ...

More Defense Department employees are working remotely because of the coronavirus. The bandwidth strain prompted a ban on YouTube and Netflix.
President Donald Trump.

US Cyber Command reportedly launched a cyberattack against Iran as Trump nixed his military strikes

The Iranian spy group reportedly supported the limpet mine attacks against 2 tanker ships earlier last week.
Users operate a computer at Kim Il Sung University in North Korea.

A state-sponsored Russian company is providing internet for North Korea and cybersecurity experts are worried

TransTeleCom, a state-sponsored Russian telecommunications company, is reportedly providing a new Internet connection to the reclusive country of North Korea.