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Japanese stalker tracks down idol by zooming in on reflection in her eyes on photos, then sexually assaults her

The man narrowed down the area using Google Street View after enlarging her social media photos to reveal scenery and landmarks.

A cybersecurity expert explains why we’re likely to see more Apple hacks in the future

For years, Apple was seen as the gold standard of cybersecurity. Two recent hacks changed that perception, and now Apple could be a target.

Most Americans don’t know Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp

A majority of American adults performed poorly on a digital knowledge quiz, and many struggle with certain cybersecurity and privacy questions.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says stopping the firm’s controversial research in China would hurt

Nadella discussed Microsoft's research in China, and emphasized what he called the "open" nature of his firm's research.

A cybersecurity expert says you can take these steps to make sure your accounts aren’t ‘low-hanging fruit’ for hackers

Most cyber-attacks target people who haven't taken basic precautions to secure their accounts, making them vulnerable to potential hackers.

A cybersecurity expert describes the underground hacker network where stolen usernames and passwords are ‘traded like Pokémon cards’

Hackers use secret networks to aggregate and trade millions of stolen login credentials and passwords, according to a cybersecurity expert.

Cybersecurity firm FireEye spikes after reportedly hiring Goldman Sachs for a potential sale

The stock price jump arrives as major US indexes fall roughly 2% on negative economic data and reignited recession fears.
Google users can opt-in to have their location data automatically deleted.

Google just rolled out 3 new security features that let you limit what personal activity it tracks in apps like YouTube and Maps

The new features are part of a broader attempt to make privacy controls the same across Google's products and therefore easier to use.

Cybersecurity experts warn that these 7 emerging technologies could put your online security at risk

Advances in AI, computing, and wireless networks have made technology faster and more reliable, but they come with new cybersecurity threats.

10 ways to make your phone safer, according to security experts

Your smartphone probably contains loads of personal information. Here's how to make sure you're using yours safely.