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People walk on a pier in Aarhus, Denmark, on April 26, 2020, as the country started to ease coronavirus restrictions.

More and more countries across Europe have started lifting their lockdowns. Here’s how they’re working out.

Some countries across Europe have slightly eased coronavirus restrictions, with many planning more steps in early May towards reopening.
Nuns wearing protective masks walk with a health worker in protective gear at a nursing home in Bochnia, Poland, April 13, 2020.

Eastern Europe is recording lower coronavirus infections and lifting lockdowns earlier than their richer, more developed Western European counterparts...

Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are beginning to roll back lockdowns that were enforced earlier than in hard-hit nations in Western Europe.
A police officer gives out free protective face masks at a metro station in Madrid, Spain, on April 13, 2020.

6 European countries are starting to lift restrictions, but they’ve had hugely different resuts in tackling their coronavirus outbreaks

Spain and Italy are among the worst-hit, while Austria, Denmark, Poland, and the Czech Republic avoided mass outbreaks. All are starting to reopen.
A view of a deserted Graben Square amid coronavirus precautions in Vienna, Austria, on April 2, 2020.

Italy and Austria share a border, but while one nation grapples with crippling coronavirus deaths, the other is preparing to lift its lockdown

Despite announcing "a step-by-step resurrection" of Austria's economy, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, "We are not out of the woods."
A hospital worker with a medical mask.

Countries, cities, and health authorities all over the world are reconsidering their coronavirus advice that most people don’t need to wear mask...

Health authorities in Europe and the US had said that wearing a mask was not effective protection for most people. Now some may change that guidance.

The Czech Republic declares a state of emergency and closes borders to people from 15 countries hit by the coronavirus

The Czech Republic on Thursday declared a state of emergency, barred travelers from 15 countries, and closed public spaces.
Ghost statues by artist Jakub Hadrava are placed at the St. George's church near Plzen in Lukova in the Czech Republic.

Take a look inside an abandoned 14th-century church that’s filled with ‘ghosts’

St. George's church in Lukova in the Czech Republic has been abandoned for over 50 years. Now it's populated by tourists ... and ghosts.
Prague is home to some of the most impressive architecture.

15 things everyone should see and do in Prague, according to someone who lived there

From tourist attractions to little-known hot spots, here are all the things worth seeing during your next trip to Prague.

An Instagram influencer couple are being criticized for crudely splashing themselves with holy water while visiting a temple in Bali

People blasted the couple's crude actions at the temple as "disgusting" and "insulting to Indonesia."
Rancho helping his owner with the laundry.

Watch a dog help its owner do the laundry and even unload the clothes out of the washing machine

A dog owner in Brno, Czech Republic, posted a YouTube video of her pup helping out with some laundry.