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Jacob Anderson, a former Phi Delta Theta fraternity president, was accused of sexual assault by a 19-year-old woman at Baylor University in 2016.

The former Baylor fraternity president accused of rape has been banned from the campus of his current university, UT-Dallas

UT-Dallas' president said the school was not aware until this week that Jacob Anderson had been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at Baylor.
On Friday, former Dallas cop Amber Gugyer, left, was indicted on murder charges in the death of her neighbor Botham Jean, right.

Grand jury indicts Dallas cop who shot her black neighbor to death in his apartment

The indictment comes nearly three months after Amber Gugyer fatally shot Botham Jean in the Dallas apartment building where they both lived.
Three Texas cities are in the top 10.

The 15 American cities with the biggest average homes, ranked

A new report looked at housing data in 45 US cities to figure out which ones have the biggest homes. Keep reading to see which 15 American cities have the biggest homes.
There are ten times more mentally ill people in prisons than in psychiatric hospitals in the US.

Dallas is saving $30 million by cutting down on the number of mentally ill people in prison

By cutting back on treatment costs and the likelihood that prisoners will return to jail, HarrisLogic has saved Dallas County $30 million over the course of four years. The company's analytics can predict who will return to prison within six months with a high degree of accuracy.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, is quickly becoming a health-tech hub.

San Francisco is so expensive that people are starting to look at these 10 US cities as the next tech hubs — here’s how much local employe...

Compensation monitoring site Comparably narrowed down the 10 cities that are emerging as the new tech hubs. Mid-sized cities like Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Phoenix top the list.

2 dead, including gunman, after shooting at Dallas-area college

"North Lake College-Intruder Lock-down. Go to nearest room and lock-down. POLICE ON SCENE," the school said on its Twitter feed.

The police officer who fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards has been fired

Oliver fired a rifle into a car with five teenagers, including Edwards and his brothers.

Uber wants to test its network of flying taxi planes by 2020

Uber wants to test its network of VTOL aircraft in Dubai by 2020.

2 shot in Dallas office building, SWAT team responding

Two people were shot on Monday in an office building in Dallas around 10 a.m. local time, a local Fox affiliate reports.

How Mark Cuban saved one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the US

When Dallas' hugely popular St. Patrick's Day parade was about to fall apart, Mark Cuban stepped in and took it over.