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Mary Kay Bowman spoke at Business Insider's IGNITION: Redefining Retail conference on Tuesday.

VISA says there is a payments technology that both buyers and sellers want ‘because it just works’

VISA Head of Global Seller Solutions, Mary Kay Bowman, reveals why tokenization could be the future of payment security.

Singtel, Ninja Van among 5 firms fined $177,000 for leaking customers’ passport details, signatures, birth certs and more

The data leaks originated from app design flaws, poor website security, and nonexistent data security practices.

Singapore’s newest unicorn is a cybersecurity firm loved by Goldman Sachs: here’s what we know

The Singapore and Switzerland-headquartered company announced a valuation of over US$1 billion on Wednesday (Sept 18).
Co-Founder and CEO of Snap Inc. Evan Spiegel

Multiple Snap employees reportedly accessed user data improperly — including location information, phone numbers, and saved Snaps

The data look-up system — known internally as "SnapLion" — was originally built by Snap to help fulfill requests from law enforcement officers.

Singapore paid hackers across the world over US$11,000 for finding 26 bugs in government systems

A high severity bug was found in Singapore's government systems.

2018’s seven biggest data scandals, ranked according to how disastrous they were

From governments to hotels to social media sites, no institution is safe.

Data security is a waste of money, says execs whose companies suffered data breaches

What happens to companies that suffer publicly disclosed data breaches? Half their customers are likely to desert them, according to a global study done by analyst firm Frost and Sullivan.