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Cash App scammers are impersonating Jeffree Star and David Dobrik in order to fake cash giveaways and defraud people

When YouTubers announced recent cash giveaways, scammers targeted fans using fake Cash App accounts to pose as the influencers in question.
A random man was just walking around in David Dobrik's backyard.

David Dobrik filmed a drunken intruder in his backyard and his friends mocked how blasé his reaction was

The topless man asked if they had anything to drink, to which Dobrik responded, "Yeah, but you're in our backyard."
You're not going to see David Dobrik wear anything but black.

David Dobrik gave fans a ‘long-awaited’ closet tour, and it’s wall to wall black clothing

"Lots of black," he said, filming the rows and rows of black T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and shoes. "But I think black's like the best thing ever."
David Dobrik asked fans if he could fire a t-shirt cannon at them.

David Dobrik used a T-shirt cannon to fire $10,000 checks and merch at fans outside their homes

Dobrik announced that he'd partnered with the video game company EA to help people out during the crisis.
David Dobrik can't make his regular high energy vlogs.

David Dobrik asked fans to bear with him as the coronavirus has made it ‘basically impossible’ to film the stunts for his vlogs

"You're going to have to bear with me on the vlogs for a little bit," he wrote. "Regular posts will be back as soon as quarantine is over."

David Dobrik says after he exploded a jaw-dropping blue foam volcano in his backyard, a neighbor claimed she was burned by the substance

On his "Hot Ones" episode, YouTuber David Dobrik shared a never-before-heard story about the aftermath of his elephant toothpaste experiment.
'Vlog Squad' star David Dobrik told 'Hot Ones' host Sean Evans he never wanted to be within a 30-foot radius of him again.

YouTube star David Dobrik puked in a trash can after eating wings on ‘Hot Ones,’ calling it a ‘f—ed show’

David Dobrik is the latest celebrity to eat wings doused in record-breaking hot sauce on 'Hot Ones,' and he couldn't hold them down.
Megan (left) and Taylor open boxes holding their new car keys.

David Dobrik surprised his assistant and his publicist with matching white Mercedes worth $86,000

In all likelihood, if you're in David Dobrik's life, you're probably going to get a brand new car at some point.
MrBeast ordered a $70,000 pizza.

MrBeast enlisted David Dobrik to help him eat some of the most expensive meals in the world, including a $70,000 pizza

Among some of the other extortionate dishes were a $250 grilled cheese, a $1,000 sundae, and $5,000 tacos.
David Dobrik gifted a single mom $25,000 plus $26.

David Dobrik surprised a 21-year-old single mom who works 3 jobs and goes to school with a check for $25,000

David Dobrik and Suzy Antonyan met a guy called Kevin, and decided to surprise "the girl of his dreams."