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A view shows flame and smoke rising from the site of blasts at an ammunition depot in Krasnoyarsk region

New details on Russia’s mysterious missile disaster suggest a nuclear reactor blew up

An explosion at a Russian weapons testing site in August released radioactive isotopes that almost certainly came from a nuclear reactor, experts say.
The gray wolf can be a fierce attacker, especially when in a pack.

10 adorable animals that are more dangerous than they look

From giant pandas to honey badgers, here are some cute animals that are deadlier and more dangerous than they appear.

A Missouri duck boat survivor reportedly said the captain told passengers ‘not to worry about grabbing life jackets’

Seventeen people are dead after a tourist "duck boat" capsized during storms at Table Rock Lake in southern Missouri. A survivor who lost nine family members in the accident reportedly told a local TV station that the captain told passengers not to grab life jackets.

The 17 most dangerous foods in the world

These 17 dishes take being an adventurous eater to a whole new level.