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These are the 10 victims of the deadly Santa Fe High School mass shooting

Eight students and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting on Friday in Santa Fe, Texas. Here are their names and their stories.

10 people were killed at a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas— here’s how the attack and the suspect’s surrender unfolded

Here's a timeline of the deadly attacks and the law-enforcement's response during the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas on Friday morning.

Boeing passenger jet with over 100 passengers crashes after taking off from Havana

A passenger jet has crashed after taking off from José Martíi International Airport in Havana, Cuba. The plane is reportedly a Cubana Airlines Boeing 737 with more than 100 passengers on board.

A vape pen killed a 38-year-old man — and it’s a type of e-cig that’s wildly popular among one group of vapers

In the first recorded US death from a vape pen, a 38-year-old man in Florida has died after an e-cigarette exploded, pierced his skull, and set a room on fire. The type of pen he was using is called a mechanical mod, or "mech mod."

The man behind the fatal knife attack in Paris on Saturday night was born in Russia and flagged as a security risk

Suspected attacker who left one person killed and several injured in a knife attack in Paris, was previously flagged as a terrorism threat.
The NTSB said the investigation will focus on the emergency response related to the battery fire that followed the crash.

The NTSB is investigating a Tesla Model S crash that killed two teens after the car’s battery caught fire

The NTSB announced on Wednesday that it will investigate Tuesday's Tesla Model S crash that killed two teenagers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The agency said the investigation will focus on the emergency response related to the battery fire that followed the crash.
A Tesla Model X is photographed alongside a Model S at a Tesla electric car dealership in Sydney

Two teens killed after a Tesla Model S burst into flames following a crash

The driver of a Tesla Model S and one of his passengers died after the vehicle was involved in a single-car crash in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Tuesday evening, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department has confirmed.
The broken window next to row 14 of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380.

Investigators reveal what caused window to shatter on fatal Southwest Airlines flight

Federal investigators confirmed the shattered window on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 was punctured by pieces of the engine cowling and inlet that exploded after a fan blade snapped off mid-flight.

Avicii took his own life by cutting himself, according to a graphic report by TMZ

The publication cited multiple sources and gave a graphic description of the DJ and producer's death in Oman on April 20. His family had alluded to suicide in a statement released after his death.
President Donald Trump.

Trump will meet with the heroic crew that landed the fatal Southwest flight after the plane suffered an explosive engine failure

President Trump is set to meet with the pilots and flight attendants of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 at the White House on Tuesday. Flight 1380 made an emergency landing in Philadelphia earlier this month after suffering a major engine failure and depressurization.