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Paying with a debit card is leaving money on the table, and 4 more reasons I only ever pay with credit

Paying with a debit card should be the exception rather than the rule. A rare exception. Using a credit card is nearly always better.
You can check your debit card balance at an ATM.

How to check your debit card balance to see how much money you have left to spend

You can check your debit card balance over the phone, at an ATM, in person at the bank, online, or via your bank's mobile app.
If your debit card is lost or stolen, cancel it immediately.

How to cancel a debit card if it’s lost or stolen

While you're rarely liable for any fraudulent charges made on a credit card, your liability with a debit card depends on when you report it missing.
Most checking accounts come with a debit card.

How to get a debit card so you can withdraw cash from an ATM

A debit card withdraws money directly from your checking account, either to make a payment or to convert into cash.

OCBC is now offering instant approval for cards and loans, and credit cards will even be delivered on the same day

OCBC Bank said it would include mortgage and car loans under the scheme "in the near future".
Debit cards can put you at risk.

The riskiest places to swipe your debit card

A debit card can help prevent you from going into credit card debt, but it also puts you at risk for identity theft or fraudulent charges. Debit cards and credit cards are processed differently, posing different risks. Here's when to use a debit card, and when to use cash or a credit card instead.

TOP ANALYST: Starbucks could be making a huge mistake when it comes to digital rewards

My Starbucks Rewards make up a huge portion of the chain's sales, but competitors programs are over double the size.