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Wedding planners help couples plan one of the biggest days of their lives.

7 things wedding planners wish they could tell you but can’t

Sometimes, wedding planners and their clients don't see eye to eye on major decisions, like "Pinterest overload" and meddling loved ones.
Fooled 'em.

A Texas family says 911 was called over their hyper-realistic Christmas decorations

The Heerlein family in Texas replicated an iconic scene from"National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation." But some people thought the display was real.
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Getting excited about Christmas prematurely makes you seem sociable and friendly.

There’s a scientific reason why you should put your Christmas decorations up early

Putting up your Christmas decorations earlier than other people is a sign of sociability and friendliness, according to the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

The Air Force is updating its awards to recognize drone pilots and hackers

"As the impact of remote operations on combat continues to increase, the necessity of ensuring those actions are distinctly recognized grows."

24 people from around the world share the Christmas decoration that means the most to them

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