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Texts from Dr. Luke’s $50 million defamation lawsuit reveal that Kesha and Lady Gaga called Katy Perry ‘mean’

In new court documents from Dr. Luke’s defamation suit against Kesha, the texts that have long been discussed as part of the case were revealed.
Shervin Pishevar

The PR firm accused of a smear campaign against VC Shervin Pishevar has a scathing response

Definers Public Affairs has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and suggests that Pishevar is using this lawsuit to suppress women speaking out against him.
Taylor Swift.

The ACLU has come out swinging against Taylor Swift after her lawyer threatened a blogger with legal action

The ACLU of Northern California has fired back at Taylor Swift's legal team's attempt to force a retraction of a blog post critical of the singer.

Sarah Palin’s lawsuit against The New York Times just got thrown out

Palin did not have a "plausable factual basis" to claim that The Times had defamed her, a federal judge ruled.