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Platforms on the remaining functioning subway lines quickly became crowded as evening rush hour commuters tried to find another way home.

New York’s subway system flooded yet again after torrential rain, leaving commuters soaking wet and furious

Angry straphangers posted photos and videos of their soggy commutes to Twitter, where many had improvised creative ways to cross puddles.

Newark International Airport closed for second time in two weeks after another United flight emergency

This is the second incident in two weeks that has caused the airport to shutter after the tires on a United Airlines jet blew out as it landed.

500 flights have been canceled as a winter storm pummels the Midwest on the busiest travel day of the year

Nearly 500 flights were canceled Sunday as a quickly strengthening winter storm pelted the Midwest on the busiest travel day of the year.
A screenshot of the National Weather Service map on November 15, with the storm warning highlighted in purple or light purple.

Surprise snowstorm slams East Coast forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights

Hundreds of flights have been either canceled or delayed on Thursday as the first winter storm of the season bears down on the East Coast.

Vine founder Dom Hofmann’s ‘personally funded’ new project just came to a screeching halt

Former Vine CEO Dom Hofmann said his halted project was due to unforeseen financial and legal difficulties, as well as overwhelming public interest in V2. He said going forward, the V2 team will "take a step back" to work out the kinks, which means a lengthy delay in the project's launch.

The huge next game from the team behind ‘Grand Theft Auto’ just got delayed by half a year

The long-awaited "Red Dead Redemption 2" just got pushed back by half a year — it's now expected to launch in October.

Here’s the century-old technology delaying the New York City subway every day

New York City's subway system operates with antiquated technology. The MTA says new train control systems will make things easier and more efficient.

Samsung won’t launch its Bixby assistant for the Galaxy S8 this spring as promised

On Friday, Samsung said Galaxy S8 owners can sign up for a "preview" of Bixby in "the near future," but provided no details beyond that.

SpaceX delayed a historic rocket launch just seconds before liftoff due to a familiar glitch

A device that has delayed past Falcon 9 launches popped up again on moon mission-era NASA launchpad.

The New York subway system runs on 100-year-old technology

New York City's subway system operates with old and antiquated technology. New train control systems make things easier and more efficient ... at a cost.